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Mobius Radio Live @ The Horseshoe Tavern (Photoset)

Mobius Radio Live @ The Horseshoe Tavern (Photoset)

Mobius Radio performing at their album release show, celebrating the release of their incredible debut self titled album. The show was an incredible one, featuring not only an action packed show by Mobius Radio with Canadian icon Jeff Woods on stage as a host, but also openers Drop Top Alibi and the talented Dr. Draw who made an appearance alongside the group for a few songs. I have never seen as intense a back and forth between the fiddle and the guitar as I did that night! Dylan Hennessy’s shows have always blown me away, but this was really one for the books! 

About Mobius Radio

The story of Mobius Radio began almost by accident. Dylan Hennessy spent most of his time as a teenager in his room practicing his craft, leading to an obsession with a broad range of music and a fascination with all things “one-man-band”. His early days beginning performing as an acoustic folk artist eventually led him into his 20s, and down a looping rabbit hole, accompanied by a whirlwind of imaginative sounds and effect pedals. Years later, Dylan would find himself opening for bands such as Finger Eleven, I Mother Earth, MONOWHALES, playing shows in Manchester, Israel, Montreal, and looping on as many stages in Toronto as he could get his socks on.

In mid-2018, With his signature style evolving, Dylan knew he needed to get a drummer involved. He’d eventually reach out to get the help of Toronto powerhouse drummer Alex Van Briggle (Return For Refund, Rebel Hero, The Reed Effect). With the new combined sound, Dylan and Alex played their first show together at The Horseshoe Tavern on November 1st, 2018. Less than two weeks later they’d find themselves placing 3rd overall in Indie Week 2018 out of over 200 competing artists at MOD Club. In the next year they played stages all across Toronto; through street festivals, concert halls and even raves. It was time to name the beast they’d created.

Enter Mobius Radio. So the story goes, deep in an abandoned warehouse basement, Mobius Radio began illegally broadcasting out to FM airwaves and satellite radio in order to try and provide a diversity once found in a world of radio left behind in the digital era; a world that encouraged the masses to indulge in imagination and experimentation. Blurring the lines between analog roots and modern technology, Mobius Radio spins everything from alternative rock, to acoustic ambiance and EDM-infused metal. Mobius Radio’s aim is to marry the way music was once enjoyed to the way we enjoy it now; where music came from and where it’ll go.

Mobius Radio is live to air.

Mobius Radio incorporates a wide spectrum of sounds, trying to “make a guitar and vocal sound like as many things as possible”. With elements of rock, folk, metal, EDM, and sometimes highly technical and unconventional guitar playing, Mobius Radio is truly an eccentric power force. When not on the air, you can find frontman Dylan Hennessy constantly gigging in clubs, busking downtown, playing acoustically with his dad in “2 Shots Of Hennessy”, producing his Prog Metal project “Luminil”, and supporting his local music scene as much as he can. 



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Jesse Read is a videographer, writer and editor for Dropout Entertainment. As a musician as well as a videographer, Jesse has travelled the country numerous times, playing alongside and listening to the stories of hundreds of artists. A few of those are documented on this site. For video's, interviews & features follow the contact us tab!

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