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Lost No Time by BingeNinja, A 10 Year Retrospective (New Video)

Lost No Time by BingeNinja, A 10 Year Retrospective (New Video)

This weekend BingeNinja released their latest music video”Lost No Time” and although it’s new, if you’ve been following the band you might see a few clips you reckognize. The video was edited by Adam MaCrae and is a ten year retrospective of live shows, friends and cities spanning the Canadian and rural landscape. The concept is amazing, this video is like a virtual time capsule, taking you on a journey through BingeNinja’s musical journey, all set to the killer soundtrack of the aptly named “Lost No Time”. If there’s one thing BingeNinja never does, it’s fail to keep fans on their toes and this video is a great statement to that. The video shows you the plethora of different types of venues that the band has performed in, different line ups, set ups, moods, hair cuts etc. etc. it’s a beautiful and rare thing to get see that all that in one video.  Click above to check it out, here’s to the next ten years with BingeNinja!



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