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Soul Stain – Mountain head (new video)

Soul Stain – Mountain head (new video)

Mountain Head just dropped a groovy new video for their track Soul Stain yesterday! This is the bands second official video and it’s coming at a time when everybodies locked in their home and craving new sounds and visuals, and this one is sure to satisfy the senses and get you throwing up mountains. The aesthetic and vibes throughout the video are incredible, it’s like the band is pulling you into a whole new world all set to the genre bending track of Soul Stain. The band picked the perfect background for this, the video was shot at Frontier Ghost Town, a place I didn’t even know existed prior to this video, but a place that I can’t wait to go check out when this all blows over. And the cherry on top of the cake, none of the people featured in this surreal video are actors, but attendees of the Come Together Festival that was hosted at the ghost town!  The video was directed by Sara Basso, edited by Sara Basso & Jake Chirico with cameras by Jake Chirico and swing by Andrew Drys. If you’re looking for new Mountain Head music apparently you’re in luck, the band says new music is coming very soon! They’ve also started a Covid Concert Series that you can follow on their facebook page!

With two kick ass videos now under their belt, we can’t wait to see what Mountain Head comes out with next!



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