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New Ones at Noon E47 (Feat. Andrew Casara, Dooms Children, and Sophie Powers)

New Ones at Noon E47 (Feat. Andrew Casara, Dooms Children, and Sophie Powers)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E47 (Feat. Andrew Casara, Dooms Children, and Sophie Powers)

‘Flower Moon’ by Dooms Children

Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire has just released the first single from his collaboration with the Romano brothers, working with Attack In Black. The project is described by MacNeil as 

“a cozy record for punks, that are now hippies, who still love Discharge, but also now understand that The Grateful Dead is the world’s best band.”

The project is called Dooms Children and they are debuting this first single via Alexisonfire label Dine Alone Records. The single is called ‘Flower Moon’ and is currently available on all the platforms you get your music. 

MacNeil had this to say about the song in a press release:

“This song is about putting back together the pieces of a life that’s been shattered…feeling a little rough around the edges from what you’ve been through, but excited about what’s to come, ’cause you don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

Dooms Children recorded the single off the floor in Welland, Ontario. It’s co-produced by Daniel Romano, featuring music by Ian Romano and Patrick Bennett. 

For more information on Dooms Children visit: Dine Alone Records

‘Lonely Army’ by Sophie Powers

Sophie Powers wrote her first song at the age of eight years old. I’ve never heard it but she believes she’s gotten better since then. I can say for sure it’s better than the song I didn’t write at eight years old. The artist is now a whopping sixteen years old and just released her first single – which absolutely got my attention. Powers’ new single is called ‘Lonely Army’ and it’s available where you get your music. I got a chance to sit down with this young artist and chat about life, music, and how we can all do a little bit better for ourselves.

For more information on Sophie Powers visit her Instagram:

‘Gimmie More Base’ by Andrew Cassara

Andrew Cassara is an indie pop artist from Ottawa, ON. We featured his song Shock, and an interview with Cassara, all the way back on episode 20 of the show if you want to hear that you can go check it out when we’re done here. Cassara has performed all over the world – back when artists could do stuff like that – his new single is out now and it’s called ‘Gimmie More Base’ and it’s from the artists new album ‘Move That Body’. This is the new one from Andrew Cassara this is ‘Gimme More Base’

For more information on Andew Cassara visit:

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