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Interview with Ann@lise + New Music Video “Soubois”

Interview with Ann@lise + New Music Video “Soubois”

Feisty and fearless pop songstress, Ann@lise, pushes the envelope once again today with the release of “Soubois,” her latest single from her forthcoming EP Welcome To The Sh!t Show. As music venues, bars and clubs reopen across Canada, Ann@lise delivers a track that reminds of the highs…and sometimes lows that come with a night out. She isn’t afraid to tackle subjects that might cause some to reflect upon potentially uncomfortable truths about themselves and “Soubois” is a perfect example of that, offering an unfiltered look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of a night out on the town. We spoke with Ann@lise about the meaning behind the songs lyrics, the inspiration for the video and why the cops showed up, her upcoming album Welcome To The Sh!t Show and more! Click below to watch Soubois and keep scrolling for our interview. 


Interview With Ann@lise

Today you released “Soubois,” the third single from your upcoming EP Welcome To The Sh!t Show. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?

Much like my other songs the idea came from a personal experience – in this case, it was inspired by a chaotic evening out on the town with friends. The details are a little blurry, but I saw an ex-boyfriend making out with another girl and things just went downhill from there. By the end of the evening I had lost my credit card and lost my shoes. 

The track is named after Cabaret Soubois, can you tell us about the spot?

Soubois is a bar/club/restaurant in Montreal known for great food, a great vibe, and great music. If you have never been, I highly recommend it! 

The music video for Soubois highlights the typical cast of characters you’re bound to encounter at a nightclub on almost any given night, can you tell us about the inspiration behind the video?

I had a clear vision for this video as soon as the song was recorded. The four characters I portray in the video are so true to life – you have the girl that’s making out with everyone she sees; the one that’s running away from her friends; the crier; and the girl that’s just out having a great time with her friends. 

What is your favourite memory from recording the video?

Well, I don’t know about it being a favourite memory but as we were wrapping the video shoot three squad cars pulled up and a bunch of cops came in ready to arrest everyone because they thought we were having an illegal party (since there were still covid mandates in place). Thankfully we were able to explain that it was a video shoot and prove that we were not breaking any laws! 

Going out is an experience that changes for all of us as we get older. If you could go back and give a younger you one piece of advice when it comes to going out, what would it be?

Only go out with people who you trust and know will have your back if the night gets out of hand. 

And what piece of advice would you give yourself, or anybody starting their career about music?

Trust your gut about the music you are making and surround yourself with people you trust who will give you good advice and help get you to the next level. 

Shows are just starting back up in Canada after the lockdown, how excited are you for that? 

Overwhelmingly excited!  I’m doing a show at The El Mocambo in Toronto on May 3. Check my website for more dates to be announced soon! 

Can you tell us about your hometown? How is the music looking now that things are opening up again?

I live in Montreal, and you know live music is just going to EXPLODE here once all the restrictions are lifted. I’m excited to perform live, but also looking forward to going to see some shows too! 

Your forthcoming EP Welcome To The Sh!t Show covers topics from toxic relationships to modern-day cancel culture. Can you tell us more about it?

It’s a no-holds barred look at some of my life experiences dating back to my early teens. It’s very much a coming of age collection of music meant to empower listeners. I kinda see myself as the guinea pig for their life decisions.  Even though these experiences made me a stronger and better person, not everyone needs to go through the same shitshow that I did.  

What else can fans expect from you in 2022?

More music, more shows, more surprises to come! 

Do you have any last words for our readers?

Be yourself, treat yourself, and don’t care about what other people think or do. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. We need less judgement and more understanding in this world. 



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