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Ragers Release New Music Video “Nightmares Of My Summer Days”

Ragers Release New Music Video “Nightmares Of My Summer Days”

Montreal Alt-rock band Ragers is thrilled to share their summer anthem “Nightmares of my Summer Days” and music video, a powerful ode to friendship and resilience. The song – a follow up to their recent singles “Only Sins No Tragedies” and “Tossed Out” – gives fans another glimpse of the band’s forthcoming album Missed Calls From Home, which is set to be released on September 29th.

With catchy guitars, vibrant drums, and a subtle nod to their closest pals, this track captures the essence of shared experiences. As the opening of their September album, it ignites nostalgia and hope, drawing listeners in like kids. With inviting gang vocals and echoes of The Wonder Years and Four Year Strong, it’s the perfect anthem for the remaining summer days.

“Nightmares of my Summer Days is an ode to making it through, with your friends. And an excuse to get all our friends to do gang vocals for us. We wanted the record to open with a bang, with the kind of song that used to draw us in as kids. In a weird way, it has a sense of hope and realization, almost like the record starts with a happy ending that gives place to the whole backstory.” – Jake & Billy, lead singers of Ragers.

The music video is an ode to the classic Goosebumps novels. It begins with four adventurous friends arriving at a secluded and mysterious forest for a camping trip. As they set up their campsite a series of spooky events happen. As night falls, the friends gather around the campfire, sharing ghost stories. The forest comes alive with an array of nightmarish monsters, UFO encounter, swamp werewolf and walking scarecrow each captured by their phones.

Stay tuned for more new music coming soon on the upcoming album Missed Calls From Home (oh…and its vinyl!)


About Ragers

Profoundly shaped by the pop-punk wave of the early aughts, and informed by the state of alternative music since, Ragers combine the infectious energy of an arena-rock act with a zeal seldom found in artists with such a long track record.

On Missed Calls from Home, the Montréal-based four-piece bring it back to where they started, leaning on the ingenious use of their live band set-up to showcase their full artistry. Here, the infectious hooks, strong riffs and drums that inspire a call to arms are on full display. After a decade of experimentation with aspects of hip-hop and electronic music, and countless collaborations with various artists from across the globe, Ragers offer their most solid effort with a ten-track LP, set for release on September 29th, 2023.

Taking cues from their inspirations which number Gym Class Heroes, The Hives and their Canadian predecessors in groups like Simple Plan and Sum 41, Ragers use this album as an excuse to introduce a new generation the earnest, fun and relatable appeal of pop-punk, always with a modern twist.



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