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Featurette Shifts Perspectives With New Music Video “Unlucky”

Featurette Shifts Perspectives With New Music Video “Unlucky”

Toronto electro-indie pop duo FEATURETTE have just released their latest music video UNLUCKIEST, and for anyone left with some lingering feelings from the pandemic (or who’s just a fan of incredible music) this ones a must watch!  UNLUCKIEST is the focus track on FEATURETTE’s new EP, which was just released on Friday the 13th of October. The lyrics will give your brain a lot to consider in this ever changing world, while the incredibly immersive music will scratch an itch you didn’t know your brain needed scratched. UNLUCKIEST is a deep dive into shifting perspective – a topic that’s been loudly on lead singer Lexie Jay’s mind as of late:

“Re-entering the world post-pandemic was difficult for everyone. There was a lot of talk of ‘new- normal,’ but for me, somehow that didn’t feel like an option. I couldn’t seem to let go of the idea that our lives could change so violently at any time. It really changed my perspective and taught me what it means to live in the moment.”

“I wanted to make something that captured what that shift felt like for me. UNLUCKIEST starts with a heart-monitor pulse. I’d been having some cardiac and adrenal burnout related health issues and my cardiologist basically told me to ‘chill out’, citing that I’m young enough to self-correct the issues I had been experiencing. But the manic, adventure junkie, full-throttle way that I am, isn’t something I was willing to give up; so already, there was a rub there.”

“The song swells through the pre as we dissociate from reality and slams into a chorus beat that feels like your atoms are vibrating in space. I wanted it to sound like when you hit those good moments in your life with frictionless movement, and you can just be, and move through life so effortlessly. It’s so sweet, and so short lived — before we’re hit with reality again.”

“At the end of the song, we hit a final chorus that shoots us into a new dimension, away from the normal we were just getting used to. It’s violent and exciting and blows the whole plot right open, and once you know what that feels like, I don’t think you ever return. It focuses on the idea that no matter what you are, we’re lucky enough. We’re lucky enough just to be here.”

“I think your luck is what you make of it. We all feel like we’ve had those unfortunate ‘hits’ we take in life that set us back. But trying to learn from that place – that’s how you win. The context that a low offers to the potential highs in your life is so valuable, and sometimes the things that hurt us, are what we need the most:

“… We’re lucky enough to be a victim of love.
We’re lucky enough to be the unluckiest ones —

think we’re lucky enough.”

Click above to watch the video for UNLUCKIEST, and click below to listen to FEATURETTE’s new EP by the same name!



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