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Uxbridge Indie Rocker Tom Hanley Releases “Overnight”

Uxbridge Indie Rocker Tom Hanley Releases “Overnight”

Tom Hanley is an indie-rock musician from Uxbridge, Ontario. Hanley originally got his start playing in pop punk bands in high school, eventually starting six piece funk band JUICE. “After playing with the group for eight years, I felt that I needed to go out on my own, and I knew that I had more to say and that JUICE wasn’t the right platform to do it.”

The song is about how the whole world basically changed “Overnight.” It’s also the title of the album. “This project has been in the works for a long time, like probably the summation of five years of work searching for what I want to sound like as a solo artist. So it also has a bit of a double meaning because calling a project that took years to get to the finish line “Overnight” makes me laugh.”

“This whole project has been DIY. Other than two studio days at Giant Studios in Toronto where we recorded nine bed tracks, I recorded, produced and arranged everything at my home studio. That goes for the majority of visuals as well. All of the promo vids, lyric video and music video I shot and edited myself.”

Over the course of the lockdowns Hanley filmed everything he did, from baking, puzzles, learning to properly care for plants and getting a kitten. “I wanted to catch it all so when we were back to normal this video would be a time capsule. Sure, it’s a time I think we all somewhat try to forget, but in those hard times there were beautiful moments.” Click below to listen to Overnight!



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