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New Ones at Noon E10: Featuring The Darcys, GRAE, and Fast Romantics

New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E10: Featuring The Darcys, GRAE, and Fast Romantics

Welcome to Dropout Entertainments Weekly New Music Podcast

Look Me In The Eyes by The Darcys

I want to start today with The Darcys new track Look Me in The Eyes. This Canadian rock duo from Toronto, Canada consisting of Jason Couse and Wes Marskell, has been tearing up the Toronto scene to one degree or another since the two formed the band in 2007-2008-ish. Over the years additional band members have come and gone, and now – but for the most part when people talk about The Darcys they are talking about Couse and Marskell. The Darcys sound has evolved over the years and they really found their footing on their 2016 album Centrefold and the new song Look Me in The Eyes is a solid track packed full of high energy nutrients. This looks me in the eyes by The Darcys. 

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Pink Motel (LIVE) by The Glorious Sons

GRAE is a Toronto based artist singer/songwriter originally from Waterloo, ON. GRAE is a general person of many talents and – her new song is one of the catchiest new tunes I’ve heard in a while. It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head if you like it or not, but you do like it because it’s a really solid track with a lot of thought and intention. GRAE released her first EP in 2019 New Girl and her single Your Hands from that EP has listened to well over 1 million times on the Spotify platform alone. Way to go GRAE. GRAE’s new song is by far the most natural-sounding for the artist and we get to why a bit in our interview. Permanent Maniac is GRAE’s new single and it also brings me along to that new word I learned that I just know you’re excited about. That’s probably what’s keeping you listening. Let’s be honest, I should leave it until the end. The new word I learned is ‘euphony’ – the quality of word arrangements – among other sounds –  that sound pleasing to the ear. I had to look that up to get a handle on how to accurately express how I feel about the lyrics of Permanent Maniac. Even the title. Before we play the track here’s my interview with GRAE. 

For more information on GRAE visit:

Hallelujah What’s it To Ya by Fast Romantics

Fast Romantics is our last band and as I mentioned at the beginning of the show this is a very Toronto episode and Fast Romantics are absolutely considered a Toronto too. Although to be fair Fast Romantics officially was formed in Calgary Alberta. Thanks, Calgary! Seriously, I’m coming for you next week, Vancouver, or Halifax, or maybe the other one with the meat farms… not Calgary, the other one there. Edmonton? But for now, here’s the new one from Fast Romantics, this is Hallelujah, What’s it to Ya? 

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