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New Ones at Noon E35: Feat. ACTORS, Bedhead, and Charlie Houston

Dropout Radio: New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E35: Feat. ACTORS, Bedhead, and Charlie Houston

Straingers by ACTORS

Vancouver post-punk/Dark-Wave band Actors have released a new single off their soon to be released album ‘Acts of Worship’. The album is due out later this year on Artoffact Records, so keep an eye out for that. We featured the first single from this album on the show before, that one was called ‘Love you More’ – as I mentioned the band is back now with a new single, and it’s called ‘Strangers’.

Actors is Shannon Hemmett, Jason Corbett, Kendall Wooding, and Adam Fink. There’s a video out for this song too, I should mention that because it’s a good one, worth a watch for sure. 

Corbett has this to say about the new song, “The new single reflects some of the weight and uncertainty we felt coming off the road to deal with everything that’s been going on. Making music as ACTORS has been cathartic for us. We hope that resonates.” 

The new album by actors ‘Acts of Worship’ is due out later this year. This is their new single from Actors, this is ‘Strangers’. 

For more information on ACTORS visit:

Disconnected by Bedhead

It’s ok not to be ok, that’s been the ongoing theme of the music from Toronto synth-pop artist Bedhead. The artist dives into complex themes of mental health, heartbreak, and relationships, presenting a relatable experience on a bed of synths polished with killer production. 

The artist has received a lot of attention right out the gates with the release of her two singles ‘Fight No More’ and ‘Bitter’ gaining airplay across Canada and a feature on an Edge 102 Sugar Beach Sessions. 

Bedhead describes her writing process as beginning at the piano and evolving through carefully crafted synthetic soundscapes that highlight her emotional, and very personal lyrics. 

The pop-synth artist has just released her latest and maybe most personal track, ‘Disconnected’. The track was written in 2019, even though the subject matter and overall tone of the track may connect with more people now. One of the things I really like about this track, apart from the track itself, which is beautiful, is that it reminds me in a real way that even before what was 2020 and the pandemic we’re still dealing with, life was very much not ok for everyone out there, for lots of reasons. Looking back it’s easy to remember everything that was good, it’s also human nature to gloss over all the stuff we still need to fix. Be it the way we deal with mental health or just the way we deal with people.

For more information on Bedhead visit:

Calls by Charlie Houston

Charlie Houston is a 19-year old singer/songwriter from Vancouver British Columbia. Back over to Vancouver – During her time studying at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Houston had an intense and prolonged period of anxiety that brought her time at the school to and end, but also inspired Houston to write her new single ‘Calls’. ‘Calls’ is a song that deconstructs the unwanted dissolution of a long-distance relationship. According to a quote by Houston on describing the track she says,

“Have you ever gotten too drunk, then called someone you knew you shouldn’t have? But you were like I’m drunk so Imma do it anyways? Cause I have. And then I got really sad about it. But then I wrote a song about it.”

And really who among us hasn’t done that? Not writing the song, the other thing… 

Houston is signed to Arts and Crafts Records here in Toronto and she’s releasing her debut EP ‘I Hate Spring’ – just in time for Spring! I think – when is spring? The album is coming out on April 23, 2021. That’s all you need you know. 

This is the new one from Charlie Houstion from her upcoming album ‘I Hate Spring’, this is ‘Calls’.

For more information on Charlie Houston visit:

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