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iHEARTRADIO MMVA’s, First Round of Performers Announced

iHEARTRADIO MMVA’s, First Round of Performers Announced

It’s summertime in Toronto, It’s record breakingly hot out and that means we should probably start planning the next time we’ll have the opportunity to all get together in a huge crowd and scream at famous people, yes I’m talking about the IHEARTRADIO MMVAs. The 2018 first round of performers was announced last week and so far the lineup is… not super Canadian – but that’s pretty normal for the MMVAs – formerly known as the Canadian Music Video Awards – the awards show often includes popular artists from overseas and from the music-industry headquarters to the south of the Canadian border.

The 2018 IHEARTRADIO MMVA welcomes international performers Marshmallo, Halsey and Anne-Marie along with the Canadian singer/songwriter Alessia Cara, noted for her hits “Here” and “Stay” as well as her four 2018 Grammy Nominations, and a win for Best New Artist. Cara can also be credited for hosting the IHEARTRADIO MMVAs with co-host Nick Jonas in 2017.

The award show can be attended by anyone which is cool. If you so desire you can line up for wristbands a couple of days before – more information here You can also watch the whole thing from Queen West – the street. I’ve done this and it’s actually pretty fun because can totally bring travel drinks (you shouldn’t do this) and watch the performances you want to see – it’s fairly easy to ignore the awards and performances you’re not interested in because you’re free to leave and walk around anytime.

The whole spectacle lasts the better part of the day – although the show itself is just a couple of hours. If you’re not a train wreck when it comes to dealing with crazy crowds of people and all ages events I would recommend checking this out at least once.

There wasn’t much in the press release but I’m going to go ahead and predict the other performers will be no less impressive than Drake and The Queen of England. Anything less and I’ll be woefully disappointed.

The IHEARTRADIO MMVAs returns Sunday, August 26 at 9 p.m. ET simulcast on CTV, MTV, and Much. The night kicks off with THE IHEARTRADIO MMVA RED CARPET pre-show at 8 p.m. ET on MTV and Much.



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