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Queens & Kings – You Got Me (New Video)

Queens & Kings – You Got Me (New Video)
Toronto garage punk band Queens & Kings have just released a new video for “You Got Me”, taking you on a DIY trip between the deserts of Aruba and downtown Toronto. Considering this the duo’s very first single, it’s pretty damn good! The duo’s singer Alissa Klug gives us some insight into what inspired the song choice and the shooting of the video itself. 

“Every time Brendan and I rehearse together, new ideas emerge. We have a ton of songs in the vault, haha!  But I think “You Got Me” is the first song we fully fleshed out and saw to completion, so we decided to make it the first single we would release from the EP we are working on and we’re really excited to finally be releasing some of our material!”

The duo had originally planned to shoot the video in California, but while in Aruba decided the desert was just too perfect to pass on, with the second half of the video being filmed nearby Trinity Bellwoods Park.

 “Brendan is a professional photographer so we had his DSLR with us while in Aruba.  We have both wanted to get into video more seriously for a long time, so on our last day there, we knew we had to give it a go.  We are both very visual people and had a strong creative concept for this video.  Brendan just researched some video camera settings and we hopped in the car and  just figured it out as we went. We filmed the remainder of the video with our friend Fred Yurichuk in Toronto and then Brendan and I did the editing at home.  Luckily, Brendan  is like  a sponge when it comes to anything that merges art and technology so he was able to learn some pretty advanced editing tools very quickly.  We like to keep it pretty DIY when we can.”

Click below to check out the video! Queens and Kings is a culmination of 8 years of struggle, with each of their own musical and artistic projects, with their health, with themselves and with each other. The duo used that struggle to start creating music under Queens & Kings, considering it a big middle finger rising from the ashes. We can’t wait to hear what’s next (they’re playing a Raconteurs after party at Cherry Colas on Sept 12th if you’re as curious as we are) and if you’d like to follow along with the bands journey you can follow them at



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