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Mobius Radio Releases New Single “Can We All”

Mobius Radio Releases New Single “Can We All”

Mobius Radio, the Prog-infused, EDM-inspired, Live-Looping Rock band have recently released their mystical new single, “Can We All.” Coming off the heels of May’s release “The More You Know”, this introspective track offers a glimpse into a calmer side of their highly anticipated album, scheduled to debut at the beginning of August.

“Can We All” presents a captivating and atmospheric sound, showcasing Mobius Radio’s ability to craft mellowness within their musical tapestry. The band’s artistry shines through as they intertwine enchanting melodies with evocative lyrics, creating a profoundly immersive musical experience.

A distinctive element of Mobius Radio’s live performances of the song is the inclusion of Boomwhackers, a fascinating instrument that infuses vibrant energy into their shows. These percussive tubes add a dynamic and captivating element to “Can We All,” making it a cherished highlight of their live sets and ensuring an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Mark your calendars for August 16th, as Mobius Radio invites music enthusiasts to their record release party at The Horseshoe Tavern. This momentous event will be hosted by the esteemed Canadian radio personality, Jeff Woods. Prepare for a night of celebration as Mobius Radio unveils their remarkable album to the world.

Reflecting on the journey of creating this album, Mobius Radio’s lead artist, Dylan Hennessy, shares,

“Our band faced unforeseen challenges amidst the pandemic, but it provided us with an opportunity to plan our next move. Countless hours were spent meticulously crafting each song, and gradually, the framework of this record emerged. Collaborating with Jeff Woods has been a true honour, as his involvement has breathed life into a grander vision, creating an immersive radio program-like experience.”

With the release of “Can We All”, Mobius Radio eagerly anticipates sharing their music with a wider audience. Stay tuned for the album’s arrival in August, as listeners immerse themselves in a collection of thought-provoking songs that push on the boundaries of genre and storytelling.

For the latest updates and to embark on Mobius Radio’s musical journey, please visit their official website ( and follow them on social media.



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