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Bands are having a hard time getting traction on new work at the moment for very obvious reasons. None of those reasons though have been good enough to slow down the Toronto indie band Starship Experience, who have been treating fans to all kinds of creative and socially distant content.

It’s tough to be creative right now for some of us, stuck at home with none of the normal day-to-day inspirations we rely on as artists. It’s also tough to know what to focus on these days. Artists are notoriously prone to high levels of ADHD-like behavior throughout the day, getting inspired or distracted here and there, and the constant stimulus from the news or even social media, of one global disaster after another is well, a lot to take in.

Some artists are finding ways to create regardless and at this point, I’d like to introduce you to one such group of artists. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Starship Experience.

“Starship Experience is an unorthodox Garage Rock band founded by Jesse Seberras (Vocals/Songwriter) and Shawn Hook-Carleton (Drummer/Producer) on the belief that this planet has had enough of over polished, over-produced crap, and is ready for some simple, straightforward crap instead.” – Starship Experience

While I appreciate the self-deprecating humor I wouldn’t go as far as to call the music of Starship Experience crap. It’s far from crap actually! I digress though as we’re not here to just talk about the music of Starship Experience, rather the unbridled creativity that has come from a very bridled situation.

After all, It’s not every day that an unfamiliar virus all but cripples modern society as we know it. It’s nice to know that when that does happen, the spark of creativity of some artists doesn’t get extinguished, instead, it gets refueled.

In the year that is known as 2020 many bands had some tough choices to make about whether or not to release new music without the opportunity to tour and promote it. Concerts are off the table obviously, and creating music videos has become something of an issue also due to social distancing.

Starship Experience hasn’t let 2020 slow them down. Since the beginning of lockdown, the band had been incredibly active on social media treating their fans to new lyric videos and even a socially isolated music video. 

Check out more from Starship Experience on Bandcamp.



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Benjamin Gibson

Benjamin is a Graphic Designer and Creative Director in Toronto, Canada. He has worked on projects for Arkells, Broken Social Scene, and Paul Oakenfold. instagram: @ben_in_toronto

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