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New Ones at Noon E53 (Feat. Kahdooh, Desiree Dorion, and Slow Down, Molasses)

New Ones at Noon E53 (Feat. Kahdooh, Desiree Dorion, and Slow Down, Molasses)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E53 (Feat. Kahdooh, Desiree Dorion, and Slow Down, Molasses)

‘Rattlesnake Bite’ by Kadooh

Canada is a big place and we all need to reconnect with our roots sometimes. Kadooh is a Canadian country artist carving out his own path. 

Kadooh’s sound has continued to grow and evolve, especially when it comes to songwriting. 

The artist has this to say about his songwriting style, 

“I try to write about what I’ve experienced — I’ve gone through it all, just like everyone else. It’s always been important to me for people to relate to the music.”

 Kadooh has a lot on the go and promises more releases later this year and next, in the meantime let’s take a listen to his new single, it’s available everywhere, it even has a craft beer to go along with it, the beer and the song are called ‘Rattlesnake Bite’.

For more information on Kadooh visit

‘Sometimes I drink’ by Desiree Dorion

Desiree Dorion grew up down the road from the grounds of Dauphin Country Fest, one of the biggest outdoor music festivals in Canada and the longest running country music festival in Canada.  As a girl Dorion would ride her bike to the grounds when the festival wasn’t on, scale the stage, and pretend to play to the thousands of would-be fans that come to watch the big country music acts that play the stage every year. In 2014 her dream of playing the mainstage of Dauphin Country Fest came true for Dorion.

The JUNO nominee released her fifth studio album in February, it’s called ‘Break the Chain’. An album that explores the themes of poverty, resilience, breaking the cycle of violence, family ties and Jack Daniels. Dorion writes her music as a reflection of the world around her. Dorion also doesn’t miss the beat and has just released a brand new single that we’ll get to in a moment. 

One of the most celebrated artists in country music in Manitoba, Dorion has had songs hit the top 100 on the Canadian country music charts, along with several on the Indigenous Music Countdown. Her songwriting partner on ‘Break the Chain’ and her new single is producer/songwriter Chris Burke-Gaffney. I sat down over the internet to connect with Dorion, here’s our chat about her new single, ‘Sometimes I Drink’.

For more information on Desiree Dorion visit

‘Some Fine Action’ by Slow Down, Molasses

Slow Down, Molasses is a Canadian indie rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The band’s sound and roster has changed over the years. As per the words of Exclame! Music Magazine the band evolved “from a sprawling art-pop collective into a more muscular, shoegaze-y, post-punk outfit.” It should be noted that at some point in their history this band featured upwards of 14 members. That’s a lot. They’ve since scaled that back – according to Wikipedia, quality research obviously. The band had trimmed that number down to five members including Tyson Mcshane, Aaron Scholz, Levi Soulodre, Chris Morin, and Jordan Kurtz. The band has a new album coming up called Minor Deaths that’s currently available for pre-sale on platforms like bandcamp. They have dropped two singles from the album so far, the most recent is called ‘Some Fine Action’, and that’s the last song we’re gonna be listening to. This is ‘Some Fine Action’ by Slow Down, Molasses. 

For more information on Slow Down, Molasses t visit

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